It’s the season of giving, and The Spoke Shop, and Austin Adventures are teaming up with Wheels of Change to help low income people in Africa get bicycles for basic transportation needs.

Our goal is to get 100 good used bikes donated for this worthy cause.

When a bicycle is donated, the possibilities are endless and the math becomes simple.  In the hands of a healthcare worker, they can cover four times the ground than on foot. This translates into more patient visits, more medication disbursements and perhaps most importantly, longer visits with each patient. 

Wheels of Change helps fulfill a basic need: to provide a distribution vehicle (bicycles) for improved healthcare in remote villages.  Bike containers are sent and then re-purposed as bike shops for mechanical work.

When you donate a bike, The Spoke Shop gives you a voucher towards the purchase of a new bike. The dollar amount of the voucher is based on the value of the bike you donate.

Mountain bikes, or bikes with wider, dirt-worthy tires are ideal! However we will accept whatever you have! There’s not a lot of paved bike lanes in Africa!

Donate a bike and get:

1)    Bike valued at $1000 or more, $100 voucher. 

2)    Bike valued between $500 and $1000, $50 voucher.

3)    Bike valued up to $500, $25 voucher.