In early 2017, the first large container of 300+ mountain bikes, spare parts and tools organized by Wheels of Change departed Billings, MT for Feynan, Jordan. On April 26, 2017, the container was officially opened and the process of distribution and training began. Present for the festivities were Wheels of Change co-director,  Andy Austin and bike mechanic trainer, Corey Meyer, along with Muna Haddad of Baraka, tasked to be the on-ground project coordinator. Haddad and her staff will work with the beneficiary communities, conducting training, oversee facilities and handle the bureaucratic logistics of ground transport into and around Jordan.

The plan is to establish two bike shops in Um Qais Village and Feynan. The shipping container will be repurposed as a bike rental and sales shop. Each shop established will include a bike tour component venture. So, in addition to the sale and repair of bikes at these shops, they will also be the starting point for local bike tours. Two individuals from Um Qais are currently being trained as tour guides, bringing new employment opportunities to the village.

A second container of 412 mountain bikes, spare parts and wheels sent by A&K Philanthropy (AKP) in partnership with Working Bikes in Chicago was shipped on March 13, 2017. It is scheduled to arrive on or about May 28th in Madaba, Jordan