Every dollar you donate goes 100% to getting bicycles into the hands of African people and developing sustainable grassroots enterprises. Your donations help us to do many things including: purchase shipping containers for our shipments, pay shipping costs to send containers filled with bicycles to Africa, fund training and other start-up costs of bicycle shops, bicycle tourism enterprises and other bicycle businesses, and help add other valuable products to our partners’ businesses, like affordable micro-solar lights and mobile phone chargers. 

We cannot do it without your help! Our US operations are 100% volunteer run, and all our administrative costs are met entirely by Austin Adventures, so all of your money supports African development. Donate today by clicking the DONATE button on the right of every page.

If you’re in Montana you can donate a bicycle in Billings or Bozeman: please fill out the contact form below with your location and we will let you know as soon as possible when and where you will be able to donate your bike!  If you would like to ship your own container of bicycles, please get in touch about starting a Wheels of Change chapter in your city.

Thank you from all of us at WOC International!